Mind Studio® Ambassador Program

Help share the health benefits. Earn 100 DKK for each new customer purchase.

Join the Mushroom Movement.

An opportunity for you to share the wonders of functional mushrooms with the world (and earn money while you’re at it) by becoming a Mind Studio Ambassador!

Custom 15% discount code.

Get a custom code to share with your friends, followers & community.

100 DKK Referral Commission

Earn 100 DKK on new customer sales.

Free Tincture on Sign-up

Contact your Mind Studio representative on sign-up and receive a tincture for promotional use.

Start earning with Mind Studio®

How it works & Requirements

Get Approved ✓

Apply today for our affiliate program
and wait for your approval.

Create and Share ✓

Make fresh content with our products
and post it on all social media platforms.

Start earning ✓

Start receiving commission on all completed new customer sales from your community.

Community Focused ☆

You have an established website and/or social media
following or a community that you are nurturing.

Compliant ☆

You are in compliance with our
Terms of Service and eco-friendly values.

Independent ☆

You are not a coupon or offer site.

Represent an earth friendly company & and share the benefits with others.

Become an ambassador for an eco-conscious brand, and help others discover the remarkable benefits of functional mushrooms.

By representing our earth-friendly company, you'll not only promote sustainable practices but also empower others to enhance their well-being through the wonders of these potent fungi.

Join our mission to create a healthier planet and happier lives, one mushroom at a time.

Harness your wellbeing & start earning with Mind Studio®