Mind Studio offers nature's most pure & potent functional mushrooms

We work exclusively with 100% wood-grown full fruiting mushroom bodies grown in pure nutrient dense environments, no mycelium or grain, fillers or carriers, rich in full-spectrum bioavailable compounds of interest.

Honest mushroom products like ours are made from mushroom full fruiting bodies, which are rich in the compounds of interest present in functional mushrooms. 

Bioavailable Compounds of Interest.

When choosing which products are right for you, be aware myceliated grain products are also available on the market, they contain mainly starch from grains and only minimal amounts of active compounds. These are rather culinary food products than nutrient-dense full-spectrum extract supplements like ours, although some of these products are marketed as functional mushroom extract supplements, they lack many of the beneficial compounds.

When seeking functional mushroom extract supplements, buy only 100% wood-grown full fruiting bodies. 

Extraction method.

Extraction ensures the bioavailability of the compounds of interest. To achieve maximised bioavailability we utilise an industry leading Ultrasonic Assisted Dual Extraction method.

With Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction (UAE), we ensure the non water soluble compounds become bioavailable. Our industry-leading extraction method breaks down the hard chitin cell walls of mushrooms and releases active compounds for utilisation by the human body. The ground mushroom fruiting bodies are placed into the UAE equipment.

We use purified spring water and extraction ethanol with UAE technology to produce high yields of bioavailable compounds. Each fungi has a unique and different method of extraction as the compounds of interest are different.

Without a thorough extraction process, the compounds of interest found in mushrooms are not absorbed and they pass straight through the digestive system not absorbed within the body. Our industry leading extraction process ensures maximised bioavailability of the functional compounds of interest.

Chaga Elixir - Mind Studio Biotech

Our packaging and ecological responsibility.

The first recorded finding of plastic littering the ocean dates back to as far as 1965, and the impact plastic has upon our ecosystem has been apparent for over half a century. We have now run out of excuses to ignore this. Globally, we have produced trillions of tons of plastic in the last decades, almost half of which is single-use. Plastic packaging is extremely wasteful and impacts earth’s ecosystems, on which we depend.

It is our priority to work harmoniously with the environment. We are extremely conscious how every single action around our products impacts the world we live in.

This is why we find it important to invest in alternative product and packaging materials, and work directly with suppliers and distributors that share our values. We are continuously doing our best in our contribution to one of the world’s biggest challenges.

We have proudly developed glue free & plastic free outer packaging materials for all our products. Our origami outer packaging is glue free & plastic free made from recycled cardboard and folded in an origami style for sustainable product packaging.


Sustainability exists at the core of our company, our reforestation strategies promote versatile use of forests and forest cultivation. To tackle the problem of deforestation, we are supporting reforestation strategies through sustainable cultivation of functional mushrooms within our continuously growing forest co-op network which is currently over 200 hectares in size. Working closely with forest owners within our forest network enables a truly transparent growing environment for our mushrooms whilst saving the forest by preventing deforestation within our forest network.


Our mushrooms are carefully harvested, full-fruiting bodies. Our foraging network sustainably harvests Chaga from organic certified forests. The mushrooms grown in subarctic Scandinavia are the purest in the world.

Finland has the cleanest air, water & soil ever measured, as well as the world’s largest area (11.6 million hectares) of ​​organically certified forest. These clean forests ensure that our mushrooms are feeding from the purest environment to grow nutrient-dense full-fruiting bodies boosting the highest concentration of bioavailable compounds of interest.  

Laboratory testing

We take care at every stage of our processing to ensure no contamination occurs. There are no pesticides or heavy metals used throughout the entirety of our production processes, our products are rigorously 3rd party lab tested for microbials, heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxins and bioactive compound levels.

We test for total count of colony forming units of total microbes as well as yeasts, moulds and pathogens like E. Coli, salmonella and mycotoxins.

We do not sell anything we would not give our loved ones. 

Miron Glass® Tinctures

We take upmost care for our tonic herbs by bottling in industry leading Miron Glass for all our products. A unique scientifically researched type of glass packaging known as biophotonic.

Miron glass filters out harmful rays while filtering in infrared, ultraviolet and violet lights, which prolongs the efficacy of the product. Due to a particular mix of minerals present inside the Miron glass, our packaging ensures optimal preservation of the nutrients and compound of interest present. 

Bioavailable Compounds of Interests:

Mind Studio Funktionelle medicinske svampe ekstrakter chaga


(Inonotus obliquus)

Immunity • Balance • Antioxidant • Uplift• Energy

Bioavaible Compounds:
Betulinic Acid

Mind Studio Funktionelle medicinske svampe ekstrakter lion's mane

Lion's Mane

(Hericium erinaceus)

Focus • Create • Work • Clarity • Mood

Bioavaible Compounds:

Mind Studio Funktionelle medicinske svampe ekstrakter reishi


(Ganoderma lucidum)

Rest • Relax • Calm • Restore

Bioavaible Compounds:
Ganoderic acid
Ganodermic acid

Mind Studio Funktionelle medicinske svampe ekstrakter shiitake


(Lentinula edodes)

Anti-aging • Skin Support • Shine • Strength • Vitamin D

Bioavaible Compounds:

Industry Leading Extraction Method

Preserving The Essence Of Nature

Bioavailable Compounds:

“Bioactive compounds” are chemicals found in small amounts in plants and certain foods (such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, and whole grains).

Bioactive compounds are essential for human health owing to their multiple biological effects, such as reduction in risk factors of multiple diseases & anti-bacteria, antioxidant, anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and more...

Some vegetables and especially certain mushrooms contains some of the greatest “Bioavailable Compounds of Interest” ever measured.

Mind Studio Biotech specialises in pure & potent functional mushroom extracts. We work with the most experienced & talanted mycologists in Europe to bring the best products with “Maximized Bioavailablilty” to market.

We offer nature’s most potent tonic herbs & functional mushrooms.

Mind Studio Biotech
Copenhagen, Denmark