Travel Tincture Shiitake Mushroom Liquid Extract 15ml

Nature's most potent tonic herbs & functional mushrooms.

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15ml Travel Tincture
Shiitake (Lentinula Edodes) a nourishing and restorative superfood with replenishing potential to strengthen the immune system and support digestive health. A tonifying tonic known as the elixir of life by traditional herbalists for its marvellous immune attributes, heart support and cholesterol-lowering effects.

Shiitake is modernly known as an anti-age mushroom, rich in amino acids, vitamins and
minerals preserving the vitality of the skin. Useful in times for restoring health, strength and well-being.

We proudly foraging our Shiitake above the arctic circle in Scandinavia, for maximised bioavailability.

Made for everyday use as part of your daily ritual for mindful, conscious, well-being.

Quality: 10:1 Extract
2ml (1000mg) dosage per day
EU & USDA Organic Certified

Bioavailable Compounds:

Mind Studio Biotech ApS is Europes industry leader with our unique "Ultrasonic Assisted Dual Extraction". Our unique method yields up to twice as potent extracts as traditional extracts and +90% bioavailability. Proudly formulated and bottled in Denmark.

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